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WARNING: High number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi are direct effect of Air Pollution

The high number of new Covid-19 cases being reported in Delhi is a “direct effect of air pollution”, says Arvind Kumar, chairperson, Centre for Chest Surgery at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

The main problem of Delhi is always been air pollution, because of which many diseases like Heart attacks, hypoxia, cardiac arrest are always been there, and guess what? Now with covid-19, it is even worse.

Doctors from many parts of the world have recognized and have addressed this issue of pollution but people and even government officials are ignorant. Delhi has higher levels of chronic headache, eye irritation, and skin irritation. A time-series study on air pollution and mortality from Delhi found that all-natural-cause mortality increased with increased air pollution.

WHO (World Health Organization) report says Delhi has the highest ambient particulate matter pollution in the country. The average annual PM 2.5 concentration across India was 58.1 micrograms per cubic meter; Delhi’s average PM 2.5 concentration for the year 2019 was 98.6 micrograms per cubic meter.

Does It Concern You?

For most of you it will be just a blog on pollution, but do you know around 4,000 people die every day because of air pollution and think about losing your family member just because you are ignorant of the fact that pollution is a silent killer.

This is the time we should take a step and do anything in our capacity to overcome this silent killer of our families and loved one’s. Shudvayu has taken an initiative towards air pollution and with the research of 3 years, we have reached a solution to it.




Our R&D center is nationalized laboratory recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology. Pilot Experiments have been successful where 4-gram PM10 particles were absorbed in the run of 100 km area at 250 AQI which means 1 car is cleaning area of 10000m. Henceforth, if we install this Shudhvayu filter on all moving vehicles on road in Delhi (approx 50 lacks), we can clean 20-ton carbon in a single day which makes the air of Delhi as healthy as equivalent to any other developed international city. ade a solution towards this problem.


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