Shudhvayu Technologies is a mission initiated by swasthgram NGO, where we are working to provide smart and affordable air purification solutions for both atmospheric air and indoor air. ShudhVayu Technologies strives to provide solutions to overcome challenges posed by rising air pollution.



Our vision is to make society aware and conscious towards their environment and eliminate the serious problem like air pollution from the country.


Our mission is to bring nation’s air quality to below 50 by the help of our technological innovations so that India can again breathe pure. Pure air is not a luxury, it is our right to breathe pure.

Pollution free


• Achieve and maintain air quality standards for all criteria pollutants • Through educational programs and partnerships, engage individuals in air pollution awareness • Make people understand that “Air pollution is serious and deadly”


Mr. Amit Bhatnagar


Mr. Amit has done his B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT-Roorkee, Masters from Penn State University, US. He quit his plush job in Hollywood's famed Universal Studios and came back to India with a shear vision to create an impact to serve the nation. A social entrepreneur, and innovator of great innovations recognized at Global Level. He invented ShudhVayu with a vision to help India breathe Clean and healthy air.

Deepti verma


Mrs. Deepti Verma has done her in biotechnology from Rajasthan university and MBA in Healthcare & Marketing from Amity University.
She looks after the overall development of the organisation both internally and externally, she has a very vast experience working in the field of sales and marketing.
She is a leader and has been leading major departments in the organization